Best Places to Hide the Body


I may be slightly obsessed with places to hide the body. It’s just the way my mystery-soaked mind works. And I’ve discovered it’s a pretty fun hobby, especially when my friends and fellow authors pose (that’s mystery author Bill Cameron’s wife discovering his  poor dead body above).  I post new photos every month  in my newsletter, but thought I’d also put a small portfolio of my favorites here:

In the Hotel Lobby

Well, maybe it wasn’t the best place to hide the body, but with everything going on at the 2016 Left Coast Crime Conference, poor Nancy Cole Silverman wasn’t discovered until it was too late.

dead nancy

Outside Seaside Brewing Company

Sure, it’s supposed to be a firepit, but when John Kohlepp and Todd Kurtz looked under the logs…well, let’s just say “barbecue.”

j t deAD 996

In the Multnomah County Central Library

No one ever goes up the long staircase to the rare books room. Now poor Charly Eaton knows why.

lib deadec